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The OA Reaction Web from DJO Global (Donjoy) is an ideal, cost-effective solution to relieve pain resulting from mild osteoarthritis. With a slimfit design, it can easily be worn under any clothing and provides a preset unloading force to the…

Knee / Osteoarthritis Bracing

Whether you have gone through an ACL injury or surgery, we have all the clinically proven solutions for you. Our FullForce Bracing is specifically designed to support and protect your reconstructed knee. It has been designed using FourcePoint hinge design…

Knee / Ligament Bracing

It is beyond doubt that technologies play a vital role in every aspect of life. We, at InMotion, make sure our braces are made using new technologies that are worth going for. Our Fusion Knee Brace is designed using ProForm…

Knee / Ligament Bracing / Orthopaedic Bracing

The Drytex Hinged Knee Sleeve is designed to provide mild mediolateral support to the knee. It has been designed with polycentric hinges and aluminum uprights improve the stability compared to non-hinged braces whilst reducing restriction to movement. The knee bracing…

Knee / Knee Bracing

Our Tru-Pull Lite Patellar Stabilizer is mainly designed to stabilize the patella dislocations. They are comfortable and flexible to wear. The product is incorporated with pull straps that help in realigning the patella and maintaining its position. The straps also…

Knee / Knee Bracing

Our Cool IROM ROM Knee Brace is recommended for the patients that go through ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL surgeries. It acts as an immobilizer and helps in healing knee injuries or surgeries. It is used to reduce pain and…

Knee / Knee Bracing

T Scope® Premier Post-Op Knee Brace comes up with comfortable features. It is professionally designed and clinically proven. The knee brace is recommended for patients that have undergone a knee surgery. Moreover, patients with knee injuries also find T Scope®…

Knee / Knee Bracing

The Defiance ® III and Defiance ® knee braces from DJO Global (Donjoy) is the custom-made option for patients requiring the long-term use of a knee brace. A wide range of features are available depending on the intended purpose of the…

Knee / Ligament Bracing / Orthopaedic Bracing

The Fusion OA Plus from Breg is an ideal treatment for patients suffering from medial compartmental osteoarthritis. The brace encompasses a thumb-wheel design that helps you adjust the level of offloading without any extra support. It’s lightweight, contoured design is ideal for…

Knee / Osteoarthritis Bracing

The OA Fullforce from Donjoy is the unloading version of the Fullforce range. With a double upright design, the OA Fullforce also provides maximum ligament stability to the knee.With the use of an adjustable telescoping hinge to provide the unloading…

Knee / Osteoarthritis Bracing

The OA Adjuster 3 brace is the most effective and clinically proven off-the-shelf unloading knee brace available from DJO Global (Donjoy). The double upright design ensure maximum stability of the knee, while the floating hinge system provides comfortable joint loading….

Knee / Osteoarthritis Bracing