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Orthopaedic Bracing

At  Inmotion Orthotics, we offer a wide range of customizable prefabricated orthopaedic bracing from head to toe. Whether you require a brace to maintain the position, stabilize or protect various parts of your body, we can fit you with the ideal solution for your individual needs. At Inmotion Orthotics, we ensure you get the maximum support with our orthopaedic braces, which includes aftercare assistance.

Whether you have gone through a surgery, had an injury or faced a serious trauma, we are here to make you forget your worries by providing you the best solution to assist you return to the life you used to live.

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Custom Made Orthoses

There are a wide range of reasons and conditions as to why a prefabricated or off-the-shelf brace is not suitable to your individual needs. An intimate fit is important to any custom-made orthosis and will require a cast be taken to ensure an optimal fit. Inmotion Orthotics manufactures a wide range of custom-made orthoses and with numerous options available, you should contact us to discuss your individual needs and we can perform an assessment to determine the best possible solutions for you.

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Custom AFO orthosis