Scoliosis is a condition of the trunk and spine defined by the presence of curvature within the spinal column affecting all three body planes. As part of a multi-disciplinary team we offer this collaborative evidenced backed conservative intervention. 

You will be seen by an Orthotist, a highly experienced specialist in bracing and a qualified allied health professional. 

At InMotion orthotics we offer what is known as 3 dimensional bracing for individuals with scoliosis. The methods we offer are globally recognised and custom to our clients needs.  3D bracing as a treatment method for scoliosis uses the principles of human biomechanics to guide each region of an individual’s body and spine towards a corrected position in all three planes. 3D scoliosis bracing focuses on reducing the Cobb angle of spinal curvature (1.frontal plane) whilst de-rotating the spine (2.transverse plane) and reducing changes to the lordosis and kyphosis position of an individuals posture (3. Sagittal plane).

The idea of force plays a key role in the success of 3D bracing as a treatment method for scoliosis. 3D scoliosis braces have open zones and pockets where space is situated at the time of fit of brace (known as expansion zones). These areas allow for free movement of the spine and ribcage in the direction required for correction. In contrast to these expansion zones, areas where force is applied to the individual’s body through the plastic or padding of the brace promote movement towards these expansion zones. This concept of force Vs space allows for correction of the spine to be possible whilst allowing the individual to move, breathe and grow throughout their bracing journey.

By using a variety of evidence based techniques of 3D bracing, we ensure that individualised decisions and bracing treatment method pathways can be developed to ensure each individual is given the most appropriate brace type and care for the best possible outcomes in regards to reducing the progression and rotation, and improving the curvature of the spine.

We feature two main concepts of 3D scoliosis bracing treatment method, your consulting Orthotist will provide you a prescription specific for your goals and presentation. 

Individuals undergoing the 3D bracing as a treatment method for scoliosis through InMotion Orthotics are required and encouraged to combine bracing with scoliosis specific physiotherapy at one of our partner clinics for multi- disiplanary holistic treatment of scoliosis.

In most cases our 3D scoliosis treatment method clients are referred for scoliosis 3D bracing from a scoliosis specific physiotherapist or specialist medical professional. In the case where an individual would like to explore the option of 3D scoliosis bracing as a treatment method for scoliosis we at InMotion orthotics are happy to discuss the process over the phone and answer any questions. Where an individual does not have an official referral from the aforementioned professionals we are able to answer questions in reference to 3D scoliosis bracing and refer you on to the right professionals to receive holistic scoliosis care.

After you have been referred to the orthotist by a specialist or physiotherapist for assessment of your eligibility for 3D bracing as a treatment method for scoliosis you will need to book in and attend an assessment and consult appointment with the orthotist. Following this the appointment pathway may slightly differ between individuals dependent on how the individual is reacting to the bracing journey, however will follow similarly to the below pattern.

Assessment and Consult—60 minutes

Brace Fitting—90 minutes

Post fit Review (first 72hours) – 45 minutes

4 week Review—30 minutes

6 Weeks—In Brace EOS Scans

EOS Scan Review—45 minutes

Following Reviews (as necessary) – 30 minutes

Please note that this is a guideline only. An unspecified number of reviews will be required throughout the 3D bracing treatment method journey at the discretion of your orthotist.